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Classical Guitar

Vast repertoire of music for classical guitar including works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Fernando Sor, Mauro Giuliani, Frédéric ChopinFrancisco Tarrega, Antonio José, Alberto Ginastera, Astor Piazzolla, Leo BrouwerDávid Pavlovits, Steve Reich, Miroslav Tadić and more, plus original compositions.

Miroslav Tadić - Walk Dance
Antonio José - Sonata, part IV: “Final”
Alberto Ginastera - Sonata Op. 47, part IV: “Finale”
Fernando Sor - Sonata Op. 22, part I: “Allegro”

Contemporary Music / Original Compositions (selection)

NEW for Weimar 2017 competition:
Elements (’16) - guitar - get PDF

Noon (’14) - guitar
Scurry (’13) - guitar
Little Chant (’12) - guitar
Black Garden (’12) - guitar, orchestra
Lontano (’11) - guitar
String Quintet (’07) - string quartet + contrabass
Reminiscences (’05) - guitar, string quartet

Film Music (selection)

Music avaliable for licensing
through Polarstern Music.

A Tale of Two Moons (’15)
Next Stop (’13)
The Cave (’13)
The Encounter (’13): Dream | Desires, Ambitions

Other projects

Aggressive Swans - alternative pop-rock duo (guitar, synthesizers, drum programming, production)